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    EDIT: PR template is live. I’ll do more things later.

    So, I’ve been looking around, and I really feel like we should have issue and PR templates. I’ve drafted up a PR template; what does everyone think about it? What should we have in the issue template?

    PR template:

    Hello, and thanks for taking the time to create a pull request! There's just a few things you should be aware of before
    you get started.
    Firstly, our go-to documentation on how to structure and submit your pull request can be found on the wiki, here:
    In short, please follow these points:
    * Be sure you're following our code style guidelines:
    * If your PR is a work-in-progress, you should put [WIP] in the title.
    * The title of your PR should be short and sweet - "Adds cows", instead of "This set of commits adds cows and begins the animals implementation".
    * Please be descriptive in your initial PR comment. Address your changes in detail, and explain why you made each change.
    * If your PR is intended to improve performance, please include benchmarks or other proof.
    * PRs that fix bugs are acceptable and encouraged.
    * PRs that implement a discreet chunk of a feature instead of the whole feature are acceptable under certain circumstances,
      eg, implementing cows instead of all of the animals.
    * PRs that only change whitespace or other styling issues will not be accepted; please bring this to the attention of the
      repository maintainers or contributors instead.
    * From time to time, we may go through the open PRs and close any that we deem to be inactive. Feel free to re-open any
      PR that has been closed as a result of this when you work on it again.
        * If you're planning to suspend work on your PR for a period of time (eg, going on holiday), feel free to mention
          this in a comment and we'll take it on board when looking at inactive PRs.
    * If multiple people have contributed to the PR, please credit them by @mentioning them in your overall commit message.
    * If you don't do it yourself, your PR may be closed and the commits squashed and merged manually by a repository
    If you need to find these points again at a later date, you can find them at the following location:
    When you're ready, please delete this text from your initial PR comment and replace it with your own info. Thanks for
    contributing to Glowstone++!

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