Glowstone 2018.7.0

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    Hello everyone, today we are releasing Glowstone’s July release, 2018.7.0.

    This update is very small, as updating to 1.13 is our priority. You can follow 1.13 development on Pull Requests #957 and #958.

    We recently moved our Maven repository to Sonatype Nexus. Old artifact versions are currently unavailable, but we are working on re-deploying them to the new repository.

    Additions and Changes

    • Attribute management overhaul (<a href=“”>#955</a>)
      • Migrated to Bukkit’s Attribute API
      • Implemented modifiers
    • Improvements to Mojangson boolean parsing
    • Updated dependencies
      • Updated Glowkit to 1.12.2-R5.0-SNAPSHOT
      • Updated kotlin to 1.12.51
      • Updated JUnit and surefire plugins


    • Fixed inconsistency with bow charging animation
    • Fixed some i18n formatting errors

    That’s all for now! You can download the update from the GitHub release.

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