Glowstone 2018.5.0

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    Hi all,

    We are releasing Glowstone 2018.5.0 today,
    which is the monthly release for May 2018.

    Since the previous release, we have received contributions from 9 contributors,
    including 3 first-time contributors: Mystiflow, Jacob (jhg023), and aki-ks.

    This brings the total of GitHub contributors to a whopping 100! We’d like to thank every person who has taken time to
    help this project throughout the years, and we’re looking forward to a hundred more!

    Additions and Changes


    • Fixed shooting bow with off-hand damaging the player’s main hand (fionera)
    • Fixed breaking blocks instantly not registering (<a href=“”>#852</a>)
    • Fixed a client-side desync when canceling SheepDyeWoolEvent (Mystiflow)
    • Fixed the inlining of certain constants when compiling (aki-ks)
    • Fixed some issues with unit tests


    mastercoms has been working on updating JLine to version 3, revamping our console system, and bringing new exciting features such as interactive tab-completion, customization, and Java source code evaluation. The JLine3 PR is currently in review/bug fix state and should be ready for the next release.

    creatorfromhell has also been working on an A* pathfinding implementation, and we are looking forward to merging it for the next release as well.

    That’s all for now, you can download this release on GitHub. Thanks!

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