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  • I have a question that I think is quite necessary for running a minecraft server yet I can’t seem to find the answer to my question. My question being related to the backbone of all servers how the server loads a world, so it can then allow connection from players and how does it generate this world?

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    I’m not sure if I understand the question, since I don’t think the answer will be useful for running a Minecraft server. But here it is anyway:

    A Minecraft server looks in a set directory to look for the world folders (worlds/ in Glowstone). These world folders have files in a specific format (Anvil by default) that the server reads using an I/O API. The files tell the server about all sorts of information about each chunk in the world, like the blocks, entities and more stored within each one. The server then spawns those objects into the loaded world for the client to be able to download from the server.

    For chunks that haven’t been initialized in the file yet, the server uses a noise generator (Perlin or Simplex noise) to figure out what the terrain and decoration should look like at that specific chunk. Some objects like dungeons and the like have a chance to spawn or not. The server then saves this generated chunk to the file on a world save.

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    nks that haven’t been initialized in the file yet, the server uses a

    Thanks you! I think its necessary because I want to edit how the world works

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