Glowstone's Cheating and Illegal Behavior Policy

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    Today, we are putting in place Glowstone’s new Cheating and Illegal Behavior Policy. This is an effort to engage ourselves in our position against illegal piracy and behavior in the context of our project.

    Although Glowstone will always keep the online-mode: false option functional in the server configuration for testing and development reasons, we will not put extended effort into keeping our software compatible with pirated software (such as cracked clients). Our mission, on that front, is to stay at the same level of compatibility as Mojang’s server software.

    In addition, this new policy extends to the usage of illegally distributed or obtained products used with Glowstone (including plugins and libraries). In other words, we will not assist users if their support request implies the usage of cracked premium plugins or similar products. This also applies to the usage of cheating/hack clients (in the context of a support request).

    The policy document can be found in our GitHub repository.

    Thank you for your comprehension. As always, feel free to communicate to us any concerns about this new policy.

    The Glowstone Project.

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