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  • Reserve API
    Reserve is a new economy API aimed at giving economy-related plugins better integration with economy providers. The API is geared towards how economy plugins have transformed over the years with multi-world, and multi-currency support. If you wish to get started with adding Reserve support to your economy-related plugin please visit the wiki.

    Latest Release:

    For a preview of our reinvented Economy API, please visit here.

    There’s only two ways to support the development of Reserve at this moment.

    • My Patreon
    • Share Reserve with other plugin developers

    Reserve has a small number of commands, which provider some administration tools. In order to use any Reserve commands a player must have the permission node reserve.admin.

    • /reserve set <name> -
      Set the active economy provider to the one specified. Permission node: reserve.admin.set
    • /reserve loaded -
      Displays economy providers that are currently registered. Permission node: reserve.admin.loaded
    • /reserve economy -
      Displays the economy service that is currently being used. Permission node: reserve.admin.economy

    JRE 8 or higher

    For support choose one of the following.
    Skype: creatorfromhell
    Twitter: @Creatorfromhell
    Discord: Here


    To contribute to Reserve you may fork our Github Repository, and make a Pull Request. The repository is located at:

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