Glowstone 2017.11

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    It is the monthly blog post for Glowstone 2017.11, my Glowstoners.

    Come say hi and ask questions on the Discord server ❤

    This month, we did things:


    • Added /setblock command.
    • … yeah so that’s it.

    Just kidding!

    Changes and Fixes

    Other Updates

    I was testing ProtocolSupport with the latest version of Glowstone and it was broken. So I fixed things. So now you can seamlessly use 1.4.7-to-1.12 clients on Glowstone using the plugin, with build 182 and above!

    Also, we are welcoming Kyureki (a.k.a. smartboyathome on GitHub) on our developer team! 🙂

    Finally, I just wanted to point out that we had a high increase in traffic on the website and GitHub because we got voted up to the top on Hacker News and the front-page of /r/Minecraft. That’s very cool! It wasn’t us who posted them, I promise. Thanks for all the stars and love ❤

    I think I have used all possible variations of “thanks for reading” in the previous posts, so I’m just going to say:

    Thanks for reading! 🙂

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