Glowstone 2017.10

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    For this monthly release of the Glowstone server, 2017.10, we now officially support 1.12.2. We also added some new features, optimized magic stuff in the background and worked on some new technical features.

    As always, we remind you that the easiest way to chat with us to ask questions or support is on our Discord server.


    • Added support for 1.12.2 (#566)
      • Dropped 1.12.1 support
    • Added pistons (#577) (PickNChew)
    • Added /testfor command (#573) (Kyureki)
    • Added /testforblock command (#579)
    • Added technical API for block state parsing in commands (#579)
    • Added some missing entity NBT tags
      • Tags and PortalCooldown for all entities
      • Color for shulkers
    • Added despawning of out-of-range hostile mobs
    • Added chorus flower, plant and fruit (#582) (kaenganxt)

    Changes and Fixes

    • Ameliorated entity knockback considerably
    • Optimized memory usage of chunk keys (#569)
    • Fixed an exception when running Glowstone in an IDE (#568) (Z750)
    • Fixed @r random selector (#575>) (kaenganxt)
    • Fixed some food features and updated food saturation values (#578) (kaenganxt)
    • Replaced Random instances by ThreadLocalRandom (#581) (PickNChew)
    • Changed GlowServer.getVersion() to match the format in other Vanilla wrappers
    • Replaced duplicates of BlockFace arrays in block types into one array (#583) (kaenganxt)

    Other Updates

    We also fixed an issue with ProtocolSupport which prevented it from loading on Glowstone 2017.10 snapshots. Make sure you use the latest version of ProtocolSupport with Glowstone!

    We are also welcoming PickNChew in our developer team. He previously implemented particles, revamped the entity registry system, and implemented rails and pistons.

    We have also been working on some more technical features this month. mastercoms has been working on a new “block function” system for a little while now, and we hope to see this completed and merged for the next release. I have also worked on a little side project with annotated NBT, so we will see where that goes as well.

    That’s it for now, we’ll see you in the next release.

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