Glowstone 2017.8.1

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    Hi everyone, we are releasing Glowstone 2017.8.1, which is the first official release to support 1.12.1. Not much has happened since 2017.8.0, but here’s the changelog nonetheless:


    • Implemented Experience Orbs
    • Implemented Leashes (#538)
    • Implemented /effect command (#555)
    • Added ambient and death sounds for Ender Dragon
    • Added network code for Craft Recipe Response and Crafting Book Data packets
    • Started implementation of the Recipe Book, including I/O and network code
    • Implemented API methods related to Lightning (#546)
    • Added burn-time for all burnable items
    • Added option to verify and validate incoming connections (#553)

    Changes and fixes

    • Fixed animals not spawning at all due to a mistake
    • Optimized function storage using Map instead of List (#537)
    • Fixed some issues with library management, and updated some libraries (#540 and #544)
    • Fixed an issue with player head-rotation not being sent (#551)
    • Fixed an issue with /tp player toplayer not doing anything (#554)
    • Fixed shift-clicking in containers, again (#557)

    Other Updates

    We’ve had a slow schedule this month, mostly due to everyone being busier than usual.

    I have personally stepped down as project lead and haven given this responsibility back to mastercoms because I will have much less time to give to this project due to college and other stuff.

    Also, I’d like to welcome Postremus to our development team. He has been working a lot on this project recently and has implemented a lot of major features, including leashes this month.

    That’s it for now, we’ll see you guys later! :^)

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