Glowstone 2017.8.0

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    Hello again. Today we are releasing Glowstone 2017.8.0, which is the last release to support Minecraft 1.12. Since 1.12.1 was released, we will now bump our version to 2017.8.1 which will be released at the end of August (unless Mojang pushes another protocol update).

    Since we released 2017.7.0 less than a week ago, not much has changed. Here is the changelog since that release:

    New Features

    • Added Ender Crystals to the end-pillar generation in The End
    • Added support for 17w31a clients


    • Properly handle generators with null spawns (#536)

    We are now working on updating Glowstone to 1.12.1, which will be officially supported in the next monthly release (2017.8.1).

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