Glowstone 2017.7.0

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    Hello again! The time has come for us to publish this month’s release for Glowstone, 2017.7.0. We have plenty of new features this time around, including boats and paintings, as well as many bug fixes since 2017.6.1.

    Some of the new features

    There has been a total of 40 commits by 8 contributors in July, with 4,491 additions and 730 deletions in 122 files.

    New Features

    • Implemented some more vanilla commands (FlorrentClarret)
      • /banlist
      • /defaultgamemode
      • /me
      • /playsound
      • /seed
      • /setidletimeout
      • /setworldspawn
      • /spawnpoint
      • /toggledownfall
      • /xp
    • Began work on caves (surface caves specifically)
    • Added support for multiple passengers (Postremus)
    • Better support for off-hand item usage
    • Added optional GPGPU surface noise generation (mastercoms)
      • Allows for surface nosie generation to be executed by a GPU instead of the CPU
      • See pull-request for more details
    • Implemented boats, ender crystals and paintings (Postremus)

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed furnaces not showing as ‘burning’ when smelting items (#474)
    • Fixed incorrect argument-length check for /tell
    • Fixed players spawning above the map when respawning (#460)
    • Fixed player’s internal last damage cause not being updated (#456)
    • Check for cancelled events in some missing cases (#516)
    • Fixed explosions wrongly destroying certain blocks (#515)
    • Fixed armor/shield slots not being excluded when sending container contents, causing client errors (#481)
    • Fixed /tellraw command parsing
    • Fixed errors when loading horses from NBT, including spawn eggs
    • Fixed horse babies not being the same color as their parent
    • Fixed player entity-interaction being wrongly duplicated in some cases
    • Fixed exception when getting tameable entity’s owner internally
    • Fixed 1.12 parrots-on-shoulders functionality
    • Fixed shift-clicking for crafting slots (#525)
    • Fixed crafting result slot not being updated in certain cases (#526)

    Other Updates

    • JavaDocs are now automatically deployed every build
      • You can view the Glowstone JavaDocs here, and Glowkit’s here.
    • We have continued updating the new Beta site
    • Important: Due to a possible intrusion of our forums database, we recommend you reset your account password on the forums
      • Multiple issues with our Redis database and Proxmox virtualization system have lead to a complete external exposure of its contents (including email addresses and bcrypt-hashed passwords).
      • All data between June 18 and June 25 has been lost due to a technical failure.
      • Please read our report on the intrusion. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this.

    Coming Soon

    I have personally been working on implementing pathfinding for Entity AI. After several months of on-and-off work on this issue, I have found an efficient solution to implement it, and I am aiming to have it all functional for the next release (2017.8).

    We are continuously updating our Beta site with new features, and we are looking forward to your feedback. We are planning to have a complete ‘Download Center’ for Glowstone on there in the near future!

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