[Closed] Satoshi's Survival and Sandbox Server

  • Seeing as there are not many Glowstone servers out there I figured I would start one.

    Server address: netcraft.beerprojects.com

    The game mode is set to survival, although be aware Glowstone’s survival mode is not complete so expect not everything to work properly. This is an opportunity to play test for important bugs or missing features, on a “real” (non-test/temporary/creative) server. You can report any problems with or suggestions for the server to https://github.com/satoshinm/server, a repository which also includes the server’s configuration files.

    Second part of the server is sandbox, there are three plugins installed to allow accessing the server through a web browser, to varying degrees:

    The ultimate goal of the server is to evolve to allow survival play through the sandbox, but that’s a long ways off since neither the server nor web client software is there yet, consider it an experimental testbed to help move it towards this target.

    Server is hosted on a VPS with an SSD and will run for at least a month, no promises for longer.


  • Admin

    Cool! Went to check it out today and it was quite an adventure getting out of spawn. There was lava everywhere.

    WebSandboxMC is looking better and better all the time, but there was land outside of the limited web-based area, looked like the example terrain from here.

    ThinkMap did not render anything, due to some errors:
    uncaught exception: Class$S368: 0:2(12): warning: extension 'GL_ARB_gpu_shader5' unsupported in fragment shader
    0:19(35): error: sampler arrays indexed with non-constant expressions are forbidden in GLSL 1.30 and later

    Dynmap looked good, but it seemed like the edges of the map were bugged. I don’t remember what map edges are supposed to look like though, so it might be fine.

  • This server was closed on 6/31, I had a longer post summarizing the server but it was lost by this forum unfortunately. However, here is a graph I saved of the number of clients over time (peaked at ~30 simultaneous users): http://imgur.com/a/Vqmbk

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