The Road to 1.12

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    Hello everyone! After Mojang released Minecraft 1.12-pre2 on May 11, 2017, we updated our 1.12-snapshots branch to add protocol support for this latest version. Then on May 13, Spigot announced their 1.12-pre2 Bukkit version, the first in history a pre-release version has been released for Bukkit. There were a lot of breaking changes in this release, with changes to dependencies, including Java, and the removal of many deprecated APIs. Even with this in mind, Paper was able to have a quick update to the Paper-API (thank you zbob750!), released on May 14.

    We now have Glowkit updated to 1.12-pre2, with a few caveats. Many of the enhanced APIs have been removed in favor of including them in Glowstone. This is because it will be easier for plugin developers to use Glowstone-specific APIs all within the Glowstone server package, without relying on modifications to the Bukkit API, as well as due to the fact that some APIs that we enhanced have been removed entirely in favor of Vanilla server constructs, like Bukkit commands.

    Due to these massive changes to our APIs (not only to Glowkit, but the base Bukkit API it is built on), Glowstone will have to be modified more significantly than other releases and it will take more time to update. We anticipate and hope that this update will be done before 1.12 is released, but please understand the work that must go behind this release and forgive us if we are late.

    And because of these modifications to both Glowkit and Glowstone, this initial Glowkit 1.12-pre2 release is certainly not final. APIs may be changed or added again in order to implement some Glowstone required features to Glowkit.

    If you want to see the current work, view the 1.12-staging branches for both Glowstone and Glowkit.

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