The Glowstone Project

  • Admin

    Hi. You’ve probably seen countless announcements about all the projects under the Glowstone family, like the Glowstone server, Glowkit and more, but we’ve never really talked about the project as a whole. This is mostly because we’ve been focusing on polishing and advancing Glowstone in terms of code, and not in terms of community.

    For a few weeks after we get the next Glowstone release out, I’ll be focusing on improving the experience our community has with the Glowstone project itself. These changes will hopefully increase engagement and reduce the barrier to entry to our project.

    I hope to see your feedback in the coming weeks on these changes and please always remember that your feedback is incredibly valuable and will always be used by us to improve the project, and will be especially in these next few weeks.

    Thank you for your continued support and interest in Glowstone! I look forward to seeing your feedback as I detail changes to the project in further announcements as they come along.

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