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  • I have glowstone as a server system and I have liked it so far. Mainly because it is the only one you can seem to find that starts right up.
    However, I have been having huge issues.
    For starters my game does not load hostile mobs unless they are brought in on creative mode spawn eggs, and when any mob, or entity is in game it stands in one spot. It will turn its head and even make noise but it never walks.
    My other issues are to do with fire and command blocks. I cant get fire to even spawn. I am in owner mode (op, and the permission level that allows access to all commands). Still nothing. This applies to rockets and trying to make a nether portal. I cant even get lightning to start a fire.

    Command blocks load, but they are upside down when placed and unclickable. In other words the GUI wont load.

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    Specific issues are best left to GitHub, but I can sum up the response nicely.

    These things are simply not yet implemented. Glowstone is beta-level software at the moment, and it is not yet feature-complete.

    This month, the team is working on AI and mobs, so hopefully those (and related things) will be working by May.

  • @gdude2002
    Let me start with: “I like Glowstone a lot”
    But, I have a bit of an issue with Glowstone appearing to be all hands on deck when in fact its not.
    If I can suggest something as a server owner, on the first page of the website can there be a disclaimer that states mobs, etc wont work? This seems like a marketing issue, to be honest and hurts server owners. I have actually been so frustrated looking to make my mobs work that I was researching spigot and other alternatives. But I keep coming back in the hope that this will resolve.
    I also hope that a dedicated group of programmers come forth to help move popular plugins towards compatible versions. Because whatever the glowstone version, I bet most of the plugins wont catch up for a while.

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    Most of our organic traffic comes from GitHub, and not the site. That said, I would be fine with putting that info on there - it’s a question that comes up every so often.

    EDIT: I have raised this on Discord.

    Glowstone is a small project. We are “all hands on deck”, but “all hands” is two people at the moment. There are four people on the core team - @mastercoms as the project head and lead developer, me as a sysadmin and PR guy, @momothereal as a prolific contributor and talented developer, and @kamcio96, who is currently busy with other things.

    As it stands, any “pure” bukkit, spigot or paperspigot plugin (which is to say, one that only uses the Bukkit/Spigot/PaperSpigot API and no internals) should be compatible at this point, barring the features we don’t have implemented yet. The plugins that don’t work are not strictly Bukkit plugins, and are instead have an intimate association with the server software they’re developed for.

    Some developers have decided to add specific support for Glowstone, and others have decided to write plugins with Glowstone as their primary target, but we are a small project at the moment and we don’t have the infrastructure to maintain a big database of plugins - although that is coming.

    We also have the Linkstone project, which attempts to add an emulation of the net.minecraft.server package, so that plugins which rely on it will be able to work with Glowstone - but that project is currently stalled as we do not have the manpower to dedicate to it right now. Perhaps you know someone or are a developer yourself?

    EDIT: I’m going to bed now, but feel free to drop by the Discord if you feel so inclined.

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    @Jason-Stover Hi Jason, thanks for the feedback. We have added a warning to the website so there isn’t as much confusion:

    glowstone warning

    Sorry for the inconvenience and headaches this lack of info had caused you!

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    About fire, that should work. Could you detail the fire interactions that don’t work in a bug report on GitHub?

  • I will fill out a bug report. I have been finding them recently they are small but noticeable when they add up. I can hardly wait till mobs and NPC’s work. I have a server plugin called mobmoney and they dont drop it because of…reasons. I can get sheep to drop mutton and wool and cows to drop beef but nothing comes out of hostile mobs.

  • @mastercoms The fact that all of you are so attentive to what I am saying is making me a dedicated Glowstone user. Seriously you guys are great!
    I dont have a programming degree or much experience or id offer to make your team 3 but I do know how to run websites (I run three right now) and other things like that. If you need help in that area.
    Ill link for you to two websites one of which I reprogrammed from the ground up.

    The littleville one is my servers site.

  • Admin

    Sorry for the delay, forums were being buggy for me.

    Thanks for the nice words :)! You’re already helping a lot with these reports, so don’t feel left out.

    If you want to help with the website, it’s open source on GitHub and open to everyone to contribute to:

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