Why reinvent the wheel? (April Fools)

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    Hello everyone! So we’ve heard your critism and concerns about no longer planning to support Sponge on our server platform. Well, turn that frown upside down, because we are now dumping Bukkit plugins in favor of Sponge plugins!

    That’s right, starting from today, Glowstone will permanently consist of patches to the SpongeVanilla server software. Why reinvent the wheel when we can base our work on a much more capable server and API? You can view the source for GlowSpone here!

    Bukkit? Gross! Use GlowSpone now and never go back to Spigot or any of its nasty derivatives.

    Thank you for your continuous support,
    The GlowSpone team.

    Edit: this was our April Fools post for 2017, we are not planning to support Sponge or to drop Bukkit anytime soon. Read more here.

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