Glowstone 2017.3

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    Hello everyone! Today we present to you Glowstone 2017.3, after a month of hard work by our contributors. To everyone who makes Glowstone awesome, whether it is through bug reports, code contributions or admining, I’d like to say thank you for making this release possible. I’d also like to thank our sponsor, Aternos, provider of free Minecraft servers, for helping us and getting Glowstone on their platform.

    77 commits went into this release, changing 134 files with 2,397 additions and 1,032 deletions.


    • Change Forge reported server type to vanilla
    • Fall damage, physics and movement fixes
    • Fix inverted block placement for trap doors, slabs, stairs
    • Clean up item usage code
    • Fix double usage of water, lava bucket in survival
    • Rename tile entities to block entities
    • Correct block entity IDs
    • Correct player inventory implementation (offhand, armor, main hand fixes)
    • Fix furnaces not ticking
    • Improve world spawn finder
    • Fix noteblock pitch


    • Allow for extension of entity classes
    • Lava damage and burn
    • Chunk pallettes
    • Mob punch knockback
    • Add anvil book enchanting and renaming
    • World generation settings in worlds.yml
    • Support for skin customization, allows for main hand switching, and 1.8 skins
    • Conversation API support
    • Better spectator mode support

    I hope you enjoy this release! You can download the 2017.3 artifact here. Please note that only the latest snapshot is supported (2017.4 onward).

    In other news, we have been working on 1.12 and we support the latest snapshot in a new branch, 1.12-snapshots.

    For our next release for April onwards, I have created a schedule for points of focus in order to better suit the community. This schedule is not final and I encourage you to discuss it below if you have anything you’d like to say.

    April - Intelligence Update: Mob AI with a global mob administrator
    May - Spring cleaning Update: bug fixes and todo completions
    June - Blocks Update: finish new blocks system and block API
    July - Mining Update: add new generation features, especially caves and other survival features, pistons
    August - Text Update: add chat components and other message features found in the latest Minecraft version
    September - Net Update: remove flow dependency, use native netty
    October - Ender Update: implement the end
    November - Hearth Update: implement villages
    December - maintenance update for stable release, no new features

    I hope you like this schedule but remember I will be glad to see your thoughts on it! These updates are not set in stone so whether you are a contributor or user and want to see something else, please leave your suggestions below.

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    We completed 16 tickets and pull requests last month. See here for March’s project board.

    This month, we’ve decided to set up two project boards.

    • April 2017, in a similar vein to last month’s board, will track everything we do this month.
    • Intelligence Update will track all tickets related to mob AI this month.

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