Mobs glitch!?

  • I’m not quite sure where to put this but when you punch a mob in-game they won’t move, like if they have no AI or anti-knockback. When I kept playing I noticed the mobs aren’t moving at all, maybe this is going to be fixed but I wanted to see if anyone else got this?

    ohh and btw, is there a way to change the servers icon, or do I have to download something?

  • Admin

    Mob AI is not implemented yet. See this issue for a ticket story about entities.

    You can set a server icon by putting a server-icon.png file into the config/ folder as usual.

  • Admin

    As said previously, we’re still working on mob movement/AI. Knockback should be coming soon, now that we have mob physics, but I have to fix fall damage first.

    For more information on the server icon, you can check out the Glowstone wiki page about it.

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