Glowstone 2017.2

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    Glowstone 2017.2’s commit window has ended and has subsequently been released. Here are the changes:

    • Implemented new Bukkit API count methods in World
    • The server bootstrap channel is now accessible, for plugins
    • Add getter for sessions in message handlers, for plugins
    • Separate logic for player login and profile handling
    • Adjust look around task frequency for AI
    • Use a parallel stream for sending entities to players
    • Add new constructor for proxy data to allow for use with plugins
    • Update Maven build settings
    • Force-gamemode config option support
    • Add tests for inventory utilities
    • Better support for signed and unsigned player properties
    • Add proper rail placement/connection
    • Add subtitle and times subcommands to title
    • Use Gson for title command
    • Entity physics

    And the bug fixes:

    • Default drop data to 0 instead of 1
    • Skip pulsing entities if they aren’t in a loaded chunk
    • Do not shade powermock in the JAR
    • Use equals instead of == for UUID checks in the Boss Bar manager
    • Do not try to shutdown the network server if it is not running
    • Use concurrent hash map for entities
    • Do not decorate oceans with animals
    • Prevent animals from being spawned in the air from decoration
    • Unload heightmap and entities from unloaded chunks
    • Remove unused legacy packets
    • Fix structure generation and properly rollback blocks on failed structure generation
    • Fix chunk compression issues
    • Fix fall damage logic somewhat
    • Use ConcurrentHashSet for chunk entities
    • Implement use item packet, fix item usage logic
    • Fix entity animations and player swinging
    • Fix title command
    • Do not allow movement or regeneration while dead
    • Do not check the scoreboard when getting display name if the scoreboard does not exist
    • Fix TextMessage#flatten()
    • Fix a null pointer exception in ip and port due to late bind
    • Various fixes for explosions

    Also some other interesting news is that ProtocolSupport supports Glowstone natively. Go check it out!

    You can view the code changes for this release here:

    And the git release can be found here:

    Please note that this is a release to track our progress, not one that will be supported for a longer time. Only the latest version of Glowstone will receive support.

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