Submitting a resource

  • Admin

    When posting your resource, please be sure to take note of the following:

    • If your resource is a file, please upload it and attach it to your post. We may remove or edit posts containing links to untrusted file hosts.
      • We would prefer to see the source of any applications you’re uploading, if possible - For example, on GitLab
    • Please include a summary or short paragraph of information about your resource. If it’s (for example) a tutorial written in a forum post, then it may speak for itself, but don’t upload a file without explaining what it is. The post title is not enough for this.
    • Please use the tagging system. You may add tags to your post using the input below the post editor.
    • Obviously, do not upload anything malicious or illegal.
    • We are okay with people posting other users’ content (with permission), but we would prefer that the owner of the content posts it themselves if possible.
      • If you are posting somene else’s content, please attribute them.
    • We reserve the right to remove any resources that we deem inappropriate.

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