Official Multiversion Support

  • I think it would be of benefit because as a server admin you would know that updating the server will add support for a new version and the users would know that playing on a glowstone server they can keep using mods without the fear of the server updating and losing the ability to play. Some servers update faster than others so its not always an advantage to stay on a newer or older version because if the main server someone plays on is on version x and your server only supports version y players wont bother to change between just to play on your server. Of course when you have both versions you solve all the problems.

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    But if that’s the case, they can just use ProtocolSupport, right? What’s the specific advantage for our project?

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    @Tom I think what you’re getting confused here is plugins breaking every update. If you update Glowstone to a newer Minecraft version, your plugins will not stop working. So ProtocolSupport will not break if you update Glowstone, so there is no benefit to integrating it.

  • This is different, it has a list of Protocol Versions and Minecraft versions inside it, so if lets say you update to 1.12 from 1.11.2 and you don’t update ProtocolSupport protocolsupport does not know about the new protocol even if the server supports it and wont let it join

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    Surely that’s ProtocolSupport’s problem, and not ours?

  • An Api that let’s Protocolsupport get the latest version the server supports would enable the Protocolsupport plug-in to dynamically generate it’s list on glowstone and simply pass-through new versions it doesn’t recognize to the server.

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    @Tom But it can’t work like that. Mojang can change the protocol however they want, so versions are not necessarily easily translatable or possible to expose through an API. You should just wait for ProtocolSupport to update to the new version. If we were to have multiversion support, we would get out updates slower and it would take the more time than waiting for ProtocolSupport. Maybe it will make sense if we had more developers, but right now we barely have enough resources to handle 1 version.

  • On some networks this means they can’t update until the plugin gets updated, so, they will wait anyways even if glowstone is released early

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    @Tom said in Official Multiversion Support:

    On some networks this means they can’t update until the plugin gets updated, so, they will wait anyways even if glowstone is released early

    They’ll be waiting even longer if we do it

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    Let me go over the cases you’ve presented for server owners:

    those who immediately update to the latest version: if we include multi version support, we will be delaying the update for them to no benefit to them

    those who wait: they will have to wait longer for glowstone to update with multiversion support, compared to just waiting for ProtocolSupport

    I don’t see a situation where it would be beneficial, but it rather harms our users.

    Plus, why are people updating Glowstone slower than others?

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    @Tom Since we forgot to mention it here, you should know that ProtocolSupport now supports Glowstone, properly.

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