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    So over time, we’ve found a lot of people asking us about Sponge. Now that its hype has died down quite a bit, I think it’s time to clarify a few things about Glowstone and Sponge, including a few misconceptions:

    Cool, it’s Glowstone, that Sponge server I’ve been hearing about!


    Glowstone does not use Sponge at all in its code. We do not support Sponge natively, and the plugin we made, Bukkit2Sponge, currently targets Sponge 2.0 (they’re on 6.0 now), and it barely even implements anything from 2.0 anyway. We aren’t interested in developing it further at this time.

    Well, I’m at least glad Glowstone teamed up with Sponge!


    Edit (May 28, 2017): This reddit post has been deleted by its original poster. Here is an archived snapshot of this post from December 2016. -Momo

    I’m not aware of any Glowstone partnership with Sponge. If there is/was one, Sponge has done a poor job maintaining it, as we haven’t been contacted by them at all.

    Hm, but you’re working on Sponge support?

    Nope. And with our current plans, we will never work on Sponge support for Glowstone. It’s just too much work for us for little to no benefit.

    Well alright then, Sponge is still the future… right?

    Well no. Now that the hype has died down, its plugin dev community is quite small.

    Also, personally, I think Sponge isn’t very well designed. This line explains it best. Of course, there are numerous other design flaws, like other problems in the data API, confusing naming patterns, and avoidance of simpler Java constructs, but all of that is out of the scope of this post.

    Well, thanks for reading this post. I hope it clarified some things about Sponge and how it relates to Glowstone. If you want to learn more, I would be happy to expand on anything, if asked.

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    Still dosen’t understand why they just don’t write their own server. And you are right, some parts of Sponge API isn’t good 😕

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    @kamcio96 Sponge does have a vanilla server implementation, but this hasn’t been their focus (mostly API development and SpongeForge afaik).

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    @momothereal Still dosen’t understand it. Sponge has a lot of devs. They could write own server from scratch twice, in different langs 😐

  • @kamcio96 They want to support Forge (and the mods), then they can’t use another server implementation (because forge only supports official minecraft server), the SpongeVanilla and SpongeForge shares the same implementation. Both modify Official Minecraft Server, the main difference is that SpongeForge is a Forge mod.

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    @Jonathan-Henrique Sponge uses remapper for vanillia classes. Why not use it for mods?

  • @momothereal That’s not really their own “implementation,” but rather the addition of the Sponge API into the vanilla server software(same approach Bukkit took). What’s wrong with this? Well, let’s just use Bukkit as an example of what could go wrong.

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