Glowstone on Raspberry Pi 3?

  • Dear community,

    would it be possible to get Glowstone running on a Raspberry Pi 3? Or … did someone tried it out?


    • catshout

  • Admin

    Have you tried it?

    It should require less resources than the official Minecraft server - I’m not sure I can say it’ll run on hardware that low-end, but if you can get an install of Java 8 working properly, you can always try it.

  • Hey people,

    sorry for answering such an old post but i tested Glowstone on an Raspberry PI Modell B Revision 2 and it worked fine.
    It is not the best experience with this old version of the PI but it works. So on an PI3 it should work without any Problems.

  • Admin

    Nothing wrong with providing an answer!

    That’s pretty interesting. When did you test it? We’ve come a long way in a short time recently.

  • OK :)

    I tried it yesterday with the newest Glowstone Version and it worked. It was a little bit slow but thats ok for the relatively old Raspberry PI Modell B.

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