[Tutorial] How to setup Glowkit as a Gradle dependency

  • I have looked around and could not find the maven repository until I looked at the source code. So now I will share how I got the maven repository to work.

    1. First, you must set it up under the repository section. Put this in that area:
    maven {
        name = 'glowstone-repo'
        url = 'https://repo.glowstone.net/content/repositories/snapshots/'
    1. Next you must set it up as a dependency. Since we are using the snapshot we use this line:
    compile group: 'net.glowstone', name: 'glowkit', version: '1.11.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT'
    1. Lastly, you must reload your gradle project, and your done! That’s it. Now you have the latest version of Glowstone!