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    It’s been almost two weeks since Mojang released 1.11, and just over a week since Spigot released their 1.11 API. So, what’s happening at Glowstone and what’s taking us so long?

    Before I go into why it’s been taking a relatively long time, let’s talk about what we have so far. First, we have a protocol-compatible build for 1.10 and 1.11. It will allow for people with the latest 1.11 client to connect to Glowstone servers running the 1.10 server. Although we had some effort put into making it compatible with 1.11 clients, we have no guarantee that it will work completely and we can’t ensure that it is stable. So please, it’s important, more than ever, to make backups.

    Next, we have a new Glowkit branch for 1.11 support. That’s our version of the Bukkit API. It’s ready to be used for the Glowstone implementation, but there are a few things pending before it can be merged into master: moving the version command to Glowstone, changing some timing code to be better suited for the Bukkit API, converting methods to lang3 or even possibly guava, and completing/fixing the Javadocs. Feel free to make suggestions and contribute at the Glowkit 1.11 PR.

    Meanwhile, work is being done by momo to implement the new Glowkit 1.11 API and provide non-hacky support for 1.11 clients. There have been a lot of changes to the underlying Bukkit code, especially with entities, so it’s been a lot of work.

    Everything is coming along nicely and we’ll have a pretty solid build for 1.11 sometime next week.

    Now, we didn’t get started on this until seemingly much later than Spigot, but keep in mind that Glowkit is a fork of Paper, and Paper is a fork of Spigot, which is a fork of Bukkit. It takes a long time for updates to move up the chain. The Paper update to 1.11 was 2 days after Spigot finalized their API and Server. Once the Paper repo stabilized on Thanksgiving, we released Glowkit 1.11 a day later, with massive improvements to development tools, patch order and the patches themselves. After that, it took us a day to do substantial work on the 1.11 implementation, thanks to momo.

    We understand your frustration with our seemingly late release times, but please understand that we’re working as fast as we can.

    (also about the monthly blog, I’m waiting until after we get 1.11 out 🙂 )

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    Also note that it is now possible to download the latest successful 1.11 build on the website, under the “Future release” section. Please backup your world and submit an issues to the pull request. Thanks! 🙂

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