Can support MOD?

  • Could you support the installation of MOD?

  • Admin

    Assuming you mean Forge Mods, it’s not really planned to be added as a feature. Glowstone is intended to be based on Bukkit and support plugins for the Bukkit API, and Forge’s API relies heavily on Minecraft vanilla internals.

  • Would be nice if can support the MOD and plugins like a sponge.

  • Admin

    @Bat Honestly it’s not very likely; we are not based on the Minecraft server so we would have to provide our own implementation of Minecraft’s internals.

    However, plugin developers are free to interface with Glowstone directly and add support for their mods that way. We simply won’t be supporting forge directly.

  • Admin

    @Bat Unless you would like us to rewrite Forge from scratch, mods will have to specifically add support for Glowstone.

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