This Month in Glowstone - 10

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    Wow, already month 10. I can’t believe it! Wait, what’s that? We were a weekly blog before? No, that can’t be true, we only have monthly blog posts on record. You must have gone crazy.

    Speaking of crazy, we’ve been crazy busy on Glowstone. 16 commits and 1,137 additions, along with 176 deletions.

    Notable changes

    The shulkers branch was merged, and it brings…

    • Iron golem, wither, and snowmen statue spawning
    • Wither functionality
    • 1.9 metadata support
    • Elder guardian data storage
    • Tweaks to NBT and Metadata handling
    • General improvements to the summon command
    • Start of our Minecart implementation
    • Spawn messages and events actually fire now
    • Support POSITION and OPTPOSITION with a new BlockVector class
    • oh, and shulker functionality

    And here are some other things that weren’t cool enough to be in a totally correctly named PR branch:

    • Various performance improvements
    • Fixes and improvements to player login and quit
    • Improvements to UUID lookup
    • A new website
    • Documentation tweaks, including a test server mention


    • Ensure players can only use useable items
    • Download commons-io because plugins expect it to be available
    • Clean up some useless git branches

    Coming soon

    • We did some more work on 1.11, with more coming, as it depended on the shulkers branch
    • Projectiles
    • Everything else mentioned before as coming soon that is still coming “soon”

    Well, that’s it for our 10th monthly blog post, that we’ve done 9 other ones of. You know, 9 other monthly blog posts.