Near-future development priorities

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    Hello fellow Glowstoners (that sounded nerdy),

    I’ve recently been working on different aspects and features for Glowstone in the past few months, whether it be the tile tick format implementation, updating to 1.9.4 then 1.10, fixing some inconsistencies, the new website, etc.

    However, I also have a bunch of stuff I have tried implementing and never finished/wrapped up. I have working prototypes most of these… here’s a list of a few I can think of:

    • Entity AI prototype (branch here with demo)
    • 1.11 snapshots (branch here and Glowkit here)
    • Packet API (PR here)
    • Projectiles (thanks to LukeDeLoop/DeprecatedLuke)
    • Rails (connecting them together)

    Since I’m not the best at prioritizing my time, I’d like to know, what would you like me to work on first? It can be anything, on that list or not. I’d be more than happy to hear your opinion. Albeit, there are some that could take longer than others… 😉

    Thanksidup for reading my post!

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    @momothereal I think that what is utmostly important to Glowstone right now is entity AI. It’s THE feature that sets apart any Minecraft clone/rewrite from the real thing. It’s the best differentiator, and it’s such a huge part of the game as a player. And it seems you’re well on your way to completing it, so I would say continue working on that.

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    @mastercoms Yes I agree its a pretty important feature. I have to build up some tweaks to my Pathfinder library because it breaks in under-ground areas, so I’m going to do that first and adjust the pathfinding AI. I’ll go with that! 🙂

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