This Week in Glowstone - 8: ME (Monthly Edition)

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    What comes after 2? 8, because we’re bad at counting, except when it comes to commits. In this month (which is roughly a week), we’ve had 86 commits on master. Those commits added 1,901 lines and removed 794. You can read through all of those lines, or you can read these lines:


    • Shine, our plugin downloads website and compatibility database
    • GitHub is awful
    • Where is the weekly blog post???

    Notable changes

    • Lots of documentation changes/additions, a version independent JAR download and maven adjustments
    • Native transport (epoll)
    • Support for particle spawning
    • Shovel path block creation
    • Sound effects for buttons, levers, entity death, and entity hurt
    • Hoppers
    • More complete scoreboard support
    • Sound category support
    • Some work on the anvil inventory and custom item names
    • Support for statistics with type array (i.e. Adventuring Time)
    • Tile tick support
    • Item frames (rewritten to work again)


    • Optimizations and fixes to entity detection for explosions
    • Fix player data trying to save data on an unloaded world during shutdown
    • No more weird things happening when y > 256
    • Fixed and cleaned up entity spawn code
    • Cleaned up effect playing
    • Optimizations and refactoring of block tick system
    • Slab fixes (and purpur slab support)
    • Block placement sound only plays once now
    • Fixes to replacing a double plant with a block placement
    • Removed debug output from fence gate
    • Enchantment table now uses tile entity
    • Optimizations and fixes to redstone
    • Chunk errors related to ticking blocks that were not loaded
    • Better rail placement that takes into account facing direction
    • You can no longer place blocks where an entity is (plus definitions for entity bounding boxes)
    • Place the block an item represents rather than the item (ex. cauldron)
    • Don’t try to check if a block can absorb a placement if it doesn’t exist
    • Optimizations/fixes to furnaces
    • Durability now works with right click tools
    • Fixed stop sound command and moved to Glowkit
    • Fixed changed blocks desync
    • Food level now resets on death
    • Players do not become “ghosts” on deaths anymore
    • Fixed null in UUID json lists (ops.json, etc)
    • Some optimization work to player UUID fetching
    • Fix NullPointerException if a tameable doesn’t have an owner
    • SignChangeEvent is now called
    • Checks for unknown interacted blocks
    • Elytra now properly uses durability
    • Optimized HttpClient

    Coming up

    • 1.11 support
    • Entity AI
    • Packet API
    • LivingEntity drops
    • net.glowstone.block refactor
    • Better world customization
    • Internationalization support
    • New website (preview)

    Phew, that’s a lot of stuff. I wish every week could take 42 days.

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