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    So. The post above describes what you guys think about the future, but there is no clear conclusion.
    If I’m not mistaken, this is what you want:

    • A glowstone for vanilla (using plugin API)
    • A glowstone for Forge (using forge)
    • A rewrite
    • being fast.

    Are there any plans about a Glowstone API?
    Will glowstone do the same stuff as SpoutCraft?

  • Admin

    I think you might be mistaken on what Glowstone is and is not.
    Glowstone is a from-scratch, open-source and in-development server implementation for the vanilla server software; it aims to be an alternative to other softwares like the Mojang server, Spigot, Sponge, etc. It supports Bukkit plugins natively, and has extended (or not so much anymore) support for Sponge.

    Glowstone is not an alternative to Forge as it doesn’t aim to support Forge mods. We are not planing to develop a new API in the near future, since we aim vanilla feature completion at first (finishing up incomplete features and continuously develop new ones). We do have Glowkit, which is a fork of Paper, a fork of Spigot API.

  • Admin

    @MisterCavespider Also, those aren’t really our future plans. I never commented on that post, but I don’t think those future plans are good for us right now.

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