Can we get a todo page on here?

  • Can we get a todo of features than need to be implemented?
    It will be a lot easier to track the process of the development that way and maybe it will attract developers to the project and implement a feature they know they can do
    [I plan to start contributing to this project when I am done with my current projects]

    By saying every feature I mean it, every single one that hasn’t been implemented yet also a tree format would be nice too for example… GlowZombie requires Entity to be completed, so a visual view would be:
    │└ GlowZombie

  • Admin

    I used to manage a To-Do wiki page. It’s not up to date (some of these are actually completed, and a lot are missing.)

    If you have ideas for specific features, you can post an issue and we will mark is as “Story”. This is an example. Of course, this relies on people submitting these, so that won’t be complete either.

    Doing a complete list of everything that is not completed would take a while to be honest 😉 - There are also a bunch of //todo comments here in there, it’s a start. This is a very good idea for sure though! ^,^

  • Actually I just had an idea… I can generate a todo from craftbukkit
    The way this would work is: EntityZombie extends Entity… so:

    EntityZombie requires Entity done
    //generate tree

    I’ll see what I can do here

  • - here’s a test

    Also if you could give me a list of missing features I can generate git issue todo

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