My Little Glowkit: Patching Is Magic

  • Admin

    As some of you may know, recently, Glowkit has moved to a patch-based system. We feel that it’s going to be far easier to work with Glowkit on a development and compilation basis by adopting this method, and it also allows us to base upon much more recent Bukkit forks - such as the one maintained as part of PaperSpigot.

    If you’re just a Glowstone user, this has no immediate effect on your experience. Contributors and maintainers, though, should bear the following steps in mind:

    • Clone the repository recursively, to include the submodules (git clone --recursive)
    • Run (Windows users can use Git Bash, or Bash for Windows 10)
    • Make your changes in the Glowkit-Patched directory
    • Compile, test, and so on
    • Commit your changes
    • Run
    • Commit your changes and push them

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