Forge support request for Glowstone++ 1.9 and further updates

  • Greetings, Glowstone development team.

    There is a great Minecraft community which wants to create unique servers and content for their players. But recently it faced the issue of “Cauldron” ending support, so no further updates from 1.7.10 to latest MC versions are possible.

    There are a lot of Craftbukkit plugins, which couldn’t work better than they can already. But using mods is the core feature of some servers. Sponge is a good platform for it, but the implementation and overall features are really poor.

    The reason for it, is because nowadays it is hard to find any information on this issue. It took me at least 3 days to come up with using “Pore” plugin for Sponge (which supports bukkit plugins) and it is no longer updated as well (latest version was for 1.8.9). Buggy as hell, doesn’t support PEX plugin, worked well with WorldGuard and WorldEdit.
    Now there are two ways of server development: either one uses Craftbukkit/Spigot/whatever to run a server with plugins and no mods, or one uses Forge/Sponge to run a server with mods and a very raw new API without Craftbukkit plugins.

    “Googling” for half of a month, I found Glowstone++ at Github.
    There is a line which says: Forge support is being worked on.

    Really looking forward to use Glowstone++ as a core for the servers, because it looks much more organized and has a lot of flexible settings, comparing to Vanilla/Craftbukkit/Sponge.

    The final questions is: Are there any updates on this issue and any ETA?

    Thank you for your attention.
    There might be some grammar issues because I’m not native English speaker. 😀

  • Is there any news on supporting Forge with your server software?
    Really looking forward to use bukkit plugins with forge mods.

  • Admin

    @Andrew-Westbrook Not really the right place to ask, but actually supporting Forge is nigh on impossible without abstracting every single one of Minecraft’s own internal APIs and functions - A task that isn’t even feasible.

    However, there’s nothing stopping plugins adding blocks and other things and handling the extra networking. One could write a companion plugin, but we wouldn’t be loading the mod.

  • @gdude2002 so why in your documentation on github there is a statement “Forge support is being worked on” ? Is it in plans or it is too hard to implement? Any ETA on that?

    There were those Cauldron and MCPC+ server versions, but they are no longer updated.

    You guys have done a great job on Glowstone++, everything looks clean and organized.

  • Admin

    @Andrew-Westbrook I think @mastercoms was looking into it, if you explore the repos you might find his experimentation. He’ll probably respond to that mention and correct me, though.

    I suggest creating a separate thread for this discussion, by the way. Maybe in the Development category?

  • @gdude2002 I’ll prep the contents for that thread and create it
    Thanks for quick replies)

  • Admin

    Note: The above set of posts were moved from the New Forum thread.

    Just to reiterate what I said in another thread: I don’t think Forge will be along any time soon.

    • Forge support would require us to not only abstract all of net.minecraft, but obfuscate it in a way Forge expects.
    • It would be more feasible to have Glowstone plugins that support the mods - Adding blocks, entities, custom networking, and so on

    I do believe FML (the actual mod loader) has successfully been implemented in a test, but actually getting Forge itself to work is a whole other thing.

  • Admin

    Sorry the Current Features page hasn’t been updated. I should have removed the mention of Forge support being worked on. We had FML working, but Forge mods wouldn’t work since we don’t provide the code that mods use. Making Glowstone compatible with Forge would make it a true reverse engineered Minecraft server, but it is such a huge undertaking for now that it isn’t being worked on.

  • @mastercoms Are there any plans on doing that in the future?
    Because there are Craftbukkit and Forge sources on Github. We just need someone to merge that together.

  • Admin

    @Andrew-Westbrook It’s really not that simple. Merging them is one thing, but you also need mods and plugins to be able to interact in a meaningful way.

  • Admin

    @Andrew-Westbrook But as a clean room rewrite of vanilla Minecraft/CraftBukkit, we can’t use any CraftBukkit code, and Forge relies on Mojang code so heavily, so Forge support has no place in Glowstone, at least for now. If you want an updated Cauldron, that would be a separate project from Glowstone entirely.

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