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  • Glowstone 2018.4.0

    Hi all,

    Today we’re releasing Glowstone version 2018.4.0. The previous release, 2018.3.0, was a bit late into April, so this one
    is a little shorter than usual. Nevertheless, here is the changelog.

    We received contributions from 6 community members, including 2 first-time contributors (jordanmurray and Muqsit).
    As usual, we thank you for your effort!

    Additions and Changes


    New Project Members

    We have 2 new developers / project members in the team: FlorentClarret and smcconke. Thank you for your valuable contributions!

    New Glowstone Documentation

    We have begun transferring our Github wiki to a website called ReadTheDocs. It uses a more advanced markup language, RST, and allows for more styling options. It also allows versioning, which will make it possible to separate documentation between Glowstone releases.

    As we are gradually migrating information to the new website, we are planning to enhance documentation to make it easier for new users to take advantage of Glowstone. It is available at

    That is all for now, see you next month!

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  • Glowstone 2018.3.0

    Hi all,

    We are releasing Glowstone 2018.3.0 today, which is about two weeks behind our monthly schedule. Our team has been quite busy with other
    projects and work for most of April. Without further ado, this is the changelog since the beginning of March.

    We’ve had contributions from two first-time contributors, fionera and smcconke. Thank you for your time and effort!

    Additions and Changes


    Coming Soon

    We have a few more pull-requests in queue for review and merge. You may expect these to be ready for the next monthly release.

    mastercoms is also currently working on updating Glowstone to jline 3.

    Other News

    As previously mentioned, we’ve all been quite busy with other endeavors in the past few weeks. However, we’ve been looking into a few
    para-development subjects such as registering as a not-for-profit organization (501©(3)) and other licensing issues.

    I’ve personally developed a plugin for Glowstone to replace file-system world storage with a Redis solution, using our recent world-storage API created by Kyureki.

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  • Glowstone 2018.1.0 and LTS 2018.0.1

    Hi everyone. We are a few days behind schedule, but today we are releasing Glowstone 2018.1 and the complementary LTS update, 2018.0.1.

    This month, we worked on a few major features and fixed a lot of bugs.
    As explained in the Year in Review news post, we will release two updates every month: an official monthly release containing all of the bleeding-edge features from the last month, and a complementary LTS (long-term-support) release which backports bugfixes to the stable branch.

    We also want to thank new contributors XuZhen86, Minecrell and HugoDaBoss for their valuable contributions this month!

    Additions and Changes

    Bug Fixes

    Download links for both the release and the LTS update can be found on our website.


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  • Glowstone's Cheating and Illegal Behavior Policy

    Today, we are putting in place Glowstone’s new Cheating and Illegal Behavior Policy. This is an effort to engage ourselves in our position against illegal piracy and behavior in the context of our project.

    Although Glowstone will always keep the online-mode: false option functional in the server configuration for testing and development reasons, we will not put extended effort into keeping our software compatible with pirated software (such as cracked clients). Our mission, on that front, is to stay at the same level of compatibility as Mojang’s server software.

    In addition, this new policy extends to the usage of illegally distributed or obtained products used with Glowstone (including plugins and libraries). In other words, we will not assist users if their support request implies the usage of cracked premium plugins or similar products. This also applies to the usage of cheating/hack clients (in the context of a support request).

    The policy document can be found in our GitHub repository.

    Thank you for your comprehension. As always, feel free to communicate to us any concerns about this new policy.

    The Glowstone Project.

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  • Glowstone 2018.0.0 & Year in Review

    As fireworks are let off for the end of 2017, we are releasing this year’s final version: 2018.0.0. In the last month, we’ve been working hard on polishing Glowstone as much as we could, and this has resulted in one of our most productive months in terms of commits, merges, bugs resolved and code written.

    We’ll start with a quick changelog of what has been done since the last release, 2017.11, then follow with a recap of the year!

    Glowstone 2018.0.0

    This month, we’ve pushed 138 commits consisting of 17,993 additions and 11,491 deletions in 938 files.
    There are a lot more changes than what I can list here, so you check check out the git diff if you want more details.

    Whew, that was a lot of polishing. In addition of all these changes, we are also pleased to welcome 2 new developers as part of the team: Pr0methean and keanganxt.

    Note that we now use the dev branch for ongoing work, while the master branch will be deleted. We have decided to try a new release format for 2018. We have updated our download section to reflect these changes.

    We created a long-term support branch (LTS), 2018.0.x. While we will be continuing ongoing development on the dev branch, we will backport fixes into the 2018.0.x branch continuously. At the end of each month, there will be 2 releases, one tagged on each branch. For example, in one month, we will release both 2018.1.0 (like before) and 2018.0.1, the latter containing all the bug fixes from January, without the unstable/ongoing features.

    As for protocol updates (1.13+), we will be backporting them to the long-term support branch one month after they are released on the dev branch.

    2017 in Review

    Let’s take a step back and look at what we have accomplished in 2017.
    590 commits have been pushed to the master/dev branch, consisting of 35,242 additions and 12,287 deletions.
    We have released a total of 13 releases (including today’s), which can be summed up to these key points:

    • We are sponsored by Aternos <3
    • We have a brand new website, with goodies like news posts and users
    • Our team grew by 5 developers! Welcome, PickNChew, Postremus, Kyureki, Pr0methean, and kaenganxt
      • In total, we received code contributions from 24 users
    • ProtocolSupport natively supports Glowstone
    • We now have a CLA and a new Code of Conduct
    • Glowstone is much more stable, polished and optimized
    • A lot more features have been implemented
    • Entities are much, much better and complete
      • Implemented Boats, Ender Crystals, Paintings, Parrots, XP Orbs, Leashes, Ender Pearls, complex entities (Ender Dragon)
      • Entity physics
      • Ambient and hurt sounds
      • Basic entity AI tasking
      • Custom entities for plugins
    • Basic piston implementation
    • Rewrote most commands, including multiple tools to parse and implement new commands
    • And a lot, lot more.

    So thank you, everyone, for such a wonderful year. Here’s to another solid, productive and joyful new year for all of you.

    See you next time, and thanks for all the (498) stars this year,

    The Glowstone Project.

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  • Maven Repository Issues

    On Sunday, we updated Archiva (our Maven repository) to a more recent version. During the upgrade, we unfortunately lost all our artifacts stored on the server. There was a major downtime in which we attempted to fix storage and deployment, but the artifacts could not be recovered.

    Because we did not have backups for the Maven repository, (that would take a lot of space, considering each snapshot is ~19MB) we had to re-deploy the latest snapshots manually.
    Deployment now works and further builds will be added to the repository. Note that any artifact older than 2018.0.0-SNAPSHOT (including the latest release, 2017.11) will cause 404 errors in your builds.
    Furthermore, only the latest Glowkit version (1.12.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT) is on the repository, and older artifacts will also 404.

    Due to an issue with how Archiva indexes the Browse tool, you will still see metadata version about all previous artifacts that were on the repository prior to the upgrade. We have contacted Archiva for a fix to reset the search indexing to what we have now.

    We are very sorry for the inconvenience the downtime and artifact loss may have caused. If there are more issues, please contact us on Discord.

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  • Glowstone 2017.11

    It is the monthly blog post for Glowstone 2017.11, my Glowstoners.

    Come say hi and ask questions on the Discord server <3

    This month, we did things:


    • Added /setblock command.
    • … yeah so that’s it.

    Just kidding!

    Changes and Fixes

    Other Updates

    I was testing ProtocolSupport with the latest version of Glowstone and it was broken. So I fixed things. So now you can seamlessly use 1.4.7-to-1.12 clients on Glowstone using the plugin, with build 182 and above!

    Also, we are welcoming Kyureki (a.k.a. smartboyathome on GitHub) on our developer team! :)

    Finally, I just wanted to point out that we had a high increase in traffic on the website and GitHub because we got voted up to the top on Hacker News and the front-page of /r/Minecraft. That’s very cool! It wasn’t us who posted them, I promise. Thanks for all the stars and love <3

    I think I have used all possible variations of “thanks for reading” in the previous posts, so I’m just going to say:

    Thanks for reading! :)

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  • Glowstone 2017.10

    For this monthly release of the Glowstone server, 2017.10, we now officially support 1.12.2. We also added some new features, optimized magic stuff in the background and worked on some new technical features.

    As always, we remind you that the easiest way to chat with us to ask questions or support is on our Discord server.


    • Added support for 1.12.2 (#566)
      • Dropped 1.12.1 support
    • Added pistons (#577) (PickNChew)
    • Added /testfor command (#573) (Kyureki)
    • Added /testforblock command (#579)
    • Added technical API for block state parsing in commands (#579)
    • Added some missing entity NBT tags
      • Tags and PortalCooldown for all entities
      • Color for shulkers
    • Added despawning of out-of-range hostile mobs
    • Added chorus flower, plant and fruit (#582) (kaenganxt)

    Changes and Fixes

    • Ameliorated entity knockback considerably
    • Optimized memory usage of chunk keys (#569)
    • Fixed an exception when running Glowstone in an IDE (#568) (Z750)
    • Fixed @r random selector (#575>) (kaenganxt)
    • Fixed some food features and updated food saturation values (#578) (kaenganxt)
    • Replaced Random instances by ThreadLocalRandom (#581) (PickNChew)
    • Changed GlowServer.getVersion() to match the format in other Vanilla wrappers
    • Replaced duplicates of BlockFace arrays in block types into one array (#583) (kaenganxt)

    Other Updates

    We also fixed an issue with ProtocolSupport which prevented it from loading on Glowstone 2017.10 snapshots. Make sure you use the latest version of ProtocolSupport with Glowstone!

    We are also welcoming PickNChew in our developer team. He previously implemented particles, revamped the entity registry system, and implemented rails and pistons.

    We have also been working on some more technical features this month. mastercoms has been working on a new “block function” system for a little while now, and we hope to see this completed and merged for the next release. I have also worked on a little side project with annotated NBT, so we will see where that goes as well.

    That’s it for now, we’ll see you in the next release.

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  • Glowstone 2017.9

    Hello everyone, we are releasing Glowstone 2017.9. This is the last release to support 1.12.1, as 2017.10 will support 1.12.2.


    Changes and Fixes

    Other Updates

    After a few months of work, we have merged the beta site into production. We have dropped our Github pages site in favor of the Site software written in Python by gdude. Please let us know of any problems with the site on Discord or in the repository’s issues.

    That’s it for now, see you all again in the next release!

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  • Glowstone 2017.8.1

    Hi everyone, we are releasing Glowstone 2017.8.1, which is the first official release to support 1.12.1. Not much has happened since 2017.8.0, but here’s the changelog nonetheless:


    • Implemented Experience Orbs
    • Implemented Leashes (#538)
    • Implemented /effect command (#555)
    • Added ambient and death sounds for Ender Dragon
    • Added network code for Craft Recipe Response and Crafting Book Data packets
    • Started implementation of the Recipe Book, including I/O and network code
    • Implemented API methods related to Lightning (#546)
    • Added burn-time for all burnable items
    • Added option to verify and validate incoming connections (#553)

    Changes and fixes

    • Fixed animals not spawning at all due to a mistake
    • Optimized function storage using Map instead of List (#537)
    • Fixed some issues with library management, and updated some libraries (#540 and #544)
    • Fixed an issue with player head-rotation not being sent (#551)
    • Fixed an issue with /tp player toplayer not doing anything (#554)
    • Fixed shift-clicking in containers, again (#557)

    Other Updates

    We’ve had a slow schedule this month, mostly due to everyone being busier than usual.

    I have personally stepped down as project lead and haven given this responsibility back to mastercoms because I will have much less time to give to this project due to college and other stuff.

    Also, I’d like to welcome Postremus to our development team. He has been working a lot on this project recently and has implemented a lot of major features, including leashes this month.

    That’s it for now, we’ll see you guys later! :^)

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